"War is a time when heroes emerge. As this pandemic attacks us all, rather than simply focusing on our individual needs let’s use this as an opportunity to identify the hero in each of us by determining what we can do to protect and defend our village and its inhabitants, our family, friends, and neighbors."

- Justin S.

Operation PPE Donation

Help us scavenge and procure Personal Protection Equipment to support the medical teams who are on the front lines of treating COVID-19 patients.

We are asking you to...

Scavenge your garage

If you are a person that likes to tinker around the house, paint rooms or work on cars, chances are you have a few PPE items that might be laying around in your garage that you are willing to donate to a very needy cause.

We are asking for you to scavenge your own garage inventory and donate what you can. See the list below!

Ask your neighbors

Build a

community around you to help!

Most of us are working from our homes and we have neighbors doing the same. Take a moment to be in relationship with your community and ask them to participate!

We need all the help we can get!

Buy & Deliver Online

If you have the resources available to you to purchase items for delivery, we welcome any effort you wish to extend!

We are centralizing all deliveries to:


3280 Airflite Way, C-101
Long Beach, CA 90807

Items Needed

Face Masks

Face Shields

Eye Protection



Who we are rallying for...

Dr. Pusavat

A selfless caregiver and leader in his community. We have had the privilege of learning from him and now we have the opportunity to support him and his hospital.

Dr. Cheung

A hospitalist who is on the front-lines of the current pandemic with first-hand experience treating infected patients with dwindling supplies.

Point of Contact

Blood Soldiers DC 2018 to 2019

Fred Cei

If you have supplies to donate, please contact me directly by submitting your information via this web form.